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Wild life Protection Act declares endangered threatened animals are now declared as protected animals. Natural resources include land, forests, wildlife resources, fisheries, water resources, energy resources, marine resources, and mineral resources.

Pinchot turned this once eroded and "gullied-out" —— meaning seriously eroded —— tobacco plantation into a resilient forest. Air, water, soil, forests, animals, etc. Hence the Government of India declared its forest policy in to increase the forest areas.

But some others, like land, water, fisheries and forests are renewable or non-exhaustible in nature. But statistical information is available for only 93 per cent of total area.

The protected nature reserve system now occupies Inprotected areas of the Amazon covered 2, km2 an area larger than Greenlandwith conservation units, like national parks, accounting for just over half Russia[ edit ] In Russiaenvironmental protection is considered an integral part of national safety.

Man is required to develop scientific techniques for their proper utilization. Out of all those natural resources, some are exhaustible or nonrenewable type such as minerals and oils which can be used only one time. The process of wind, rain or rivers carrying away the top fertile layer of soil is called soil erosion.

How to preserve natural resources. It can be achieved only when more and more people understand its importance and the ways in which they can help. Restrict the use of paper and encourage recycling it.

Simple things such as turning the tap off while brushing, using washing machine only when its tub is full, using the left over water in the bottles to water the plants, etc can help in this direction. It houses more than kinds of birds, out of which many birds like the Siberian crane, flycatchers, buntings, etc.

When India accounts for 15 per cent of world population, it possesses only 2. Converting forests to National Parks and Bird Sanctuaries: It is essential to understand the importance of saving both these.

Besides these, people can do their bit by limiting the usage of paper, employing rain water harvesting system, restricting usage of cars and lastly by spreading awareness about the conservation of nature.

These are further divided into sub categories. These are derived from non-living things and non-organic material. We know that man depends on his environment.

As urban needs replaced agrarian patterns of land-use mechanized agriculture demanded irrigation and drainage to meet the growing demands. That part of the actual resource that can successfully be developed and used in future is known as reserve resource.

Short Essay on the Conservation of Natural Resources

This area is gradually decreasing year after year due to deforestation. This grew to These resources, along with human resources and capital, play a crucial role for expansion to national output which ultimately drives towards economic development.

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Now it is trying to add fallow lands and cultivable waste lands which account for 20 per cent to net area sown and to increase the area under double cropping using modern scientific techniques. Direct work and studies on national meteorological, climatological, hydrological, and geohydrological systems, and participate in international conventions on these subjects.

The Bharatpur Bird Sanctuary is one of the biggest bird sanctuaries in India. Some of these natural resources like sunlight and wind are renewable resources. Similarly, the use of other resources such as paper, petroleum and gases must also be restricted. The Kaziranga National Park in Assam is famous for one-horned rhinoceros.

The forest policy was again revised in and the main objective of the revised forest policy of is.

How to preserve natural resources ?

By the 18th century some people realized population growth had outstripped the capacity of the land to sustain human food needs, by the 19th century sensitive observers, people like Marsh, Olmsted, and Powell recognized that human land-use had polluted and diverted the essential waters people needed to sustain their agricultural and manufacturing demands.

Protection, Conservation and Afforestation.

Short Essay on the Conservation of Natural Resources

We must protect our forests. Turn off the tap while brushing your teeth, limit the number of showers, use the waste RO water to water the plants or clean the house so as to ensure wise usage of water. Here are some of those that can be done easily and can make a huge difference:.

Nature has provided bountiful resources surrounding us for sustenance of a better life. Thus, any part of our natural environment such as land, water, air, minerals, forest, grassland, wildlife, fish or even human population that man can utilize to promote his welfare, may be considered as Natural Resources.

Article shared by. Proper utilization and management of nature and its resources is termed as conservation. International Union for conservation of Natural and Natural Resources (IUCN) define conservation as rational use of environment to provide a high quality of living for the mankind.

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Essay on The Importance of Protecting Our Natural Resource- Water - Water is the most priceless resource on our planet. Billions of gallons flow through our rivers and lakes. Protecting Our Water Resources Essay Words | 6 Pages In today's society water is like a survival kit in which it is one of the most important resources for.

Most people in the world get our water from rivers and lakes, including the vast majority of the world’s poorest people. But half of the world’s most important rivers – water sources for hundreds of millions of people – are being seriously depleted or polluted.

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Protecting Our Water Resources Essay Words | 6 Pages In today's society water is like a survival kit in which it is one of the most important resources for the environment and people.

Protecting our natural resources essay
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Short Essay on the Conservation of Natural Resources